Property will cost us the earth


Ink drawings on Hahnemühle Paper, 950 x 112 cm

“The title Property Will Cost Us the
Earth comes from Andreas Malm’s book
“How to Blow Up a Pipeline” in which
the author shows that capital is
responsible for the destruction of life
and livelihood in an overheated world.
He goes on from there to argue for the
urgent necessity of a new wave of
resistance, dedicated to the total global
prohibition of new CO2-emitting
devices. Assets must be stranded and
investments written off. Yet no
government on Earth dares lay a hand
on allegedly sacrosanct propertyrights.
This, writes Malm, is why
the property must be seized by means
of sabotage and destruction.”

(text : Oliver Ressler)

The residence at MQ21 in Vienna
consented me to start a project with the
artist, curator and activist Oliver Ressler
finalized to realize a work for his biggest
solo exhibition at MSU in Zagreb,
Barricading the Ice Sheets”, to gave a
rough and baroque aesthetic’s
impression of the amount of animal
species involved into the greatest mass’s
extincion, comparable in term of
destruction and rapidity just to the well
known dinosaur’s era.

I drawn and composed every animal
based on their shape and class.

“From a distance, the fonts forming the large-scale text Property Will Cost Us the Earth look like irregular
grey. On closer inspection, drawings of animals appear. The letters themselves consist of ink drawings of
hundreds of threatened species of wildlife. The mammals, birds, fish, amphibia, reptiles and insects shown
are all endangered: all appear in the IUCN Red List (2) of 38,500 species under threat of extinction.“

(text : Oliver Ressler)